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Est. 2018

Literacy & resources for children 6 months to 18 years old. Representation by way of diverse authors, books & storytellers. We encourage and develop young readers to discover books, share stories, explore dialogue, and have fun! From our literary festival, family events, writing workshops, book distributions, and online workshops, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for a great conversation and lots for your kids and families to get involved in. 


Since 2018, we’ve impacted over 20,000 young readers

and have distributed over 25,000 books!

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Burst Into Books is a CPS Vendor and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to provide culturally relevant enrichment opportunities, engage and support the community through access to resources, and leverage the brilliance of Black people to cultivate published authors.  We envision a world that is transformed through intentional access to culturally responsive literature. 

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View featured authors in the new authors' circle! Learn more about them and books that are perfect for your child!

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*All proceeds will be used to support Burst Into Books' programs and services. 




reading statistics

Providing kids with a stream of age-appropriate books can triple interest in childhood reading (Harris, L., 2003)

Only 35% of public school students read at or above the Proficient level, in Texas the average drops to only 25% (U.S. Department of Education, 2017)

Kids who regularly read have better language skills, larger vocabulary and high cognitive skills than non-readers (Child Development, 2006)

47% of fourth-graders from low-income families read below the basic level (

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