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Online Academic Support

It is important that our children are continually practicing and assisted in their educational journey. We are excited to work with your child to ensure they receive targeted support and enrichment. Setup an introductory call today to discuss next steps. Academic support for all subjects for children in grades Kindergarten through 9th grade. 

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Enrichment Services

(Available during the school year)

Enrichment services include:

  1. Pre-assessment to determine areas of concern and growth for determined subject for tutoring

  2. Parent survey (online)

  3. Classroom teacher survey (online)

  4. Goal setting with child


We will conduct a reassessment at the end of four sessions to evaluate progress. Parents will receive results to keep for their records. The surveys from both the parent and teacher will help to determine patterns in both settings. Also, continual communication with the classroom teacher will ensure tutoring sessions are aligned with what they are learning in school. Last, we will set goals with your child to ensure they are invested and committed to during their part. 


Our goal is to ensure all sub skills are mastered and your child makes growth in all areas. Enrichment sessions can focus on any of the following subjects: Reading, ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science for Pre-K to 12th grade.


Online enrichment session: On-site prices apply


Homework assistance (in-person, phone or online)



Suggested Topics

  • Understanding Common Core Reading Standards

  • Special Education

  • Parent Leadership

  • Connecting the Science Classroom to the Real World

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

  • Differentiation in the Classroom

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Healthy Eating and Food Demo

  • Academic Socio-Emotional Support/Apoyo Academicio y Socio-Emocional

  • Financial Literacy

  • Early Literacy Skills and Strategies

  • Early Literacy in Bilingual Education

  • Immigration: Know Your Rights

  • Math Games/Juegos de Matematicas

***Customized workshops are available!




60 minutes (up to 20 people) - $275

90 minutes (up to 20 people) - $350

60 minutes (21 to 40 people) - $350

90 minutes (21 to 40 people) - $425


Literacy Family Events

Literacy events for schools, organizations and communities that can be customized to suit your goals. Contact us to setup an initial planning call or meeting to determine next steps. Prices vary depending on components of the event.


Possible Ideas:

-Themed Literacy Family Nights

-Literacy stations for grades (Pre-K to High School)

-Reader's Theater


-Book giveaways

*Customized events are available


Curriculum Develpoment

Customized curriculum is available for grade levels Pre-K to 12th grade. Components can be utilized in schools, organizations, after school programs, academic and summer camps. We ensure materials are aligned to educational standards and meets your desired outcomes. Contact us to discuss next steps and pricing. 


Examples of past projects:

-Reading Guides

-Common Core Summer Program Curriculum 

-Writing Workshops

-Project Based Learning 

-Cross-curricular Reading Projects

*Train the trainer is available for workshop prices


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