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Sean and The Book Cures The Great Sacrifice ... Can You Spare a Kidney?

Sean uses his reading and research super powers to learn about diseases of the kidney. This is a story built on the love of a family, the love of research, the love of determination. Readers will discover that Blake's mom needs a kidney transplant and the research journey that the boys embark on provides healing, encouragement and joy. A fictional nephrologist will help explain what happens when kidneys get sick and options that patients have. Organ donation is an act of love. Families dealing with an illness or some other problem will read this book together and see how a scary situation can disappear when we work together.


Chante Thomas is a twenty-five year veteran teacher in Shaker Heights, and has been writing children’s stories over the span of her career. But in 2018, she decided it was time to bring her stories to life and published her first book, "Where I’m From."  The book tells the geographic story of five diverse children with roots in the United States, Africa and Asia.

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