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(Parent of child in Group 2)


“The BIB group is a fun, well-organized, and creative way to add educational activities to your child’s life. It’s pretty cool to meet parents who have actually authored and published books with their children, who come to read their books with us. Trinity and I absolutely enjoyed reading with and connecting with the circle.”


(Parent of child in Group 1)


“Burst Into Books was an amazing event. My son had a wonderful time interacting with other children his age while looking at the pictures from the books as the authors read them. More great things about Burst Into Books was being able to meet and greet with the various authors, the free books and meeting other parents that care about reading just like you.”


(Parent of child in Group 2)


Burst Into Books has been a blessing for me and my daughter. It allows her to read books tailored to her age group and do interactive activities to help further understand the concept of the books. The hands on activities is what really helps young children better understand. My 4-year-old daughter looks forward to her monthly book club meetings for learning and youth fellowship. I’m grateful for the founder, Jurema, for offering affordable book clubs in our community to help make learning interesting! Thanks Burst Into Books family!!!”


(Parent of child in Group 1)


"My daughter and I look forward to our monthly book club meetings with Burst into Books. The teachers are fun and vibrant, the authors captivate you with their words and let me tell you that is hard to do with the 3 and under group.   Its a great experience to have fun while reading. I'm so happy Burst into books exist."

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(Parent of children in Group 2 & 3)


“Burst Into Books is awesome!

My daughters, 9 and 7, have been part of Burst Into Books for about 4 months and they are elated about reading the months focus book and meeting with children their age to discuss it. My daughters have formed a new love for reading, and I definitely owe that to Jurema, the founder! I am very appreciative that she is using her talents and resources for Burst Into Books!

In addition, I love that each meeting they offer several free books that children can take home with them, games for adults and children to play in between classes, snacks and the opportunity to meet many authors. The authors typically read their book, and have the option to purchase and autograph the book. My girls were especially inspired by a young writer, Camren from their last class. This inspiration has inspired my oldest to start writing her own book.

My youngest absolutely adores her teacher, Ms. Starks and I’m a fan of hers too. She is amazing. She is a teacher by profession, and it’s clear she loves what she does. I’ve watched her open the eyes of these children and help them get out of their comfort zone. By the end of class all of the children, are raising their hands to ask and answer questions about the text. At the end of the class the children recite a pledge about being great readers.

I'm very impressed with Burst Into Books and definitely plan to remain a member!”


(Parent of children in Group 3 & 4)


 “Great organization. A wonderful place for your children to learn.”


(Parent of child in Group 3)


"Burst into books is brilliant. The monthly book club helps to nurture the love of reading in my son. The book choices are perfect for his age and we look forward to reading the book choice every month. I love that he gets to discuss it with friends at the monthly meeting too."


(Grandparent of children in Group 3 & 4)


"My two grandchildren, Winter, 12 yrs old and Summer, 10 yrs old have been a part of Burst Into Books since the beginning. They look forward to going to the library to get the monthly book that their group will be discussing. They are excited to attend the book group discussions. They enjoy and appreciate that many of the Authors of the books attend the group discussions. Burst Into Books is an awesome book reading program for children. The book selections are interesting and they broaden the world of the child. If you have a child, 6 months to 13 years, I encourage you to bring them and participate in Burst Into Books. Your child will definitely benefit by participating; I know mine have."


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