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Meet the Author: Lauretha Ward

Lauretha Ward is a licensed therapist with a Master of Arts degree in Speech Pathology and is also a best-selling author who writes in both poetry and prose. To date, she has authored or co-authored 5 books. She’s the founder and CEO of Mind Shape Up, LLC, where she empowers, educates, and equips women and children via books, educational resources, tips, and tools to experience transformation inside-out. Lauretha lives in Michigan and loves reading, cooking, traveling, and enjoying her life as a wife and mother.

About the Book

Download additional activities and Literacy Lesson Plan as well as Activity/Coloring Pages from the author's website.


Other additional resources are available for download to empower children and adults with information about bullying prevention on my website.


Coming soon "Affirmation Bingo" and hardcover for signed copies by the author!

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You can purchase "Wipe the Slate Clean" by clicking below! 

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