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Shysel is currently working in the education field, tutoring students and assisting them with e-learning. Thanks to her patience, compassion, and empathy, she is able to connect and form strong relationships with her students. She has worked with students one-on-one and in small group settings, in and outside the classroom. Her BA in English and past work experiences have given her a solid foundation in peer tutoring and mentoring.


Her specialty lies in Humanities, specifically literature and (creative) writing, which has allowed her to spread her knowledge and tips on how to structure and develop essays and analyzing texts. 


CAFECITO- An honest, funny, and heartwarming personal essay collection about the core components of life: love, family, friendship, and self-identity.

Within the pages of cafecito,authorShysel Granados shares snapshots of her life, fun tidbits from her memories, and lessons she has learned along the way. Whether she’s describing Sunday mornings spent with her family por café y pan dulce, walking us through the night she met her love, giving us snippets of interesting conversations had in Ubers, or reflecting on life with the name she was given (which no one can ever seem to pronounce), Shysel offers all the frankness and laughs of a conversation with a good friend over coffee.

You should see this book as an opportunity to love and appreciate the special people in your life, to live in the small and seemingly mundane moments, and to explore who you are. Settle in with cafecito and savor these unique and original stories.

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