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$40/Month = 1 Hour of Tutoring Per Month

One Time Donation of Any Amount

One time $40 Donation= 1 Hour of Tutoring

Click "Donate" to give your gift!

Every donation helps!

All donations are tax deductible.

All donations are tax deductible!
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(July 6th - August 15th, 2020)


During this time, how our children are progressing academically has been top of mind of parents and educators. With so much going on in the world, Burst Into Books is committed to ensure our children are taken care of.


As we are coming together to rebuild our communities, let's rally to invest in our future leaders!



We have interviewed highly qualified educators to serve as tutors for our summer intensive tutoring program. However, we will like to offer this service to as many children as possible.

Our goal is to offer 150 FREE hours of online tutoring services! We need your help to ensure we achieve our goal. No donation is too small or big. Together we can make it happen!

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Parents, please click the "Sign Up" button below to and complete the intake form. After we receive your completed form, you will receive more information and be matched with a tutor based on the information you provide.

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