Early literacy is enhanced when you involve parents!

No longer is there a typical American family. Our family dynamics have changed significantly. Most families require both parents be away from the home daily to earn  living to support the family needs while considering the cost of living. It is not unusual to see families headed by teen parents, immigrants, grandparents, incarcerated parents or blended families. With the changes in our structure, home life has shifted substantially. Parents still have big dreams for their children, but unsure of how to achieve them while balancing it all.

Many parents don’t understand that literacy begins many years before school even starts and should be established and maintained in their homes. Burst Into Books has created a solution to support parents who are often busy and on the move but desire programs that are accessible to enhance their children’s literacy. We developed Lit Talk and The Front Row.

“Lit Talk!”

is a monthly workshop in which various reading specialists provide parents with tips to help their child with their reading and writing skills.

“The Front Row” is an online program in which our founder, Jurema Gorham interviews literacy experts. It is an intimate conversation allowing viewers to learn about what inspires each guest and how they use their writings to impact our world.

These workshops inspire parents to promote literacy in their homes. In addition, it promotes bonding with children and families over shared readings, activities, and dialogues. Lit Talk and The Front Row redefines the idea of early literacy beyond reading books at bedtime.

“Remixing the Narrative” is an online platform in which our founder, Jurema Gorham interviews community organizers, change agents and other stakeholders to address topics that impact the community. Each conversation is centered around addressing the truth in order to create a stronger village. We are committed to being the change we seek to see in the world.