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Academic Game Plans

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Academic Game Plans


Suggested Topics

  • Financial Literacy

  • Special Education

  • Parent Leadership

  • S.T.E.A.M Education

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Content & the Community

  • Immigration: Know Your Rights

  • New Teacher University (Series)

  • Project based lesson planning

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

  • Differentiation in the Classroom

  • Healthy Eating and Food Demo

  • Academicio y Socio-Emocional

  • Early Literacy Skills and Strategies

  • Early Literacy in Bilingual Education

  • Math Games/Juegos de Matematicas

  • Academic Socio-Emotional Support/Apoyo

  • Understanding Common Core Reading Standards

  • Connecting the Science Classroom to the Real World

*Customized workshops are available!

**Price based on number of attendees, length of workshop, etc.

***Click "Learn More" to inquire about next steps!

Conference Event
Literacy Family Events
Family with Tablet

Literacy Family Events

Literacy events for schools, organizations and communities that can be customized to suit your goals. Contact us to setup an initial planning call or meeting to determine next steps. Prices vary depending on components of the event.


Possible Ideas:

  • Storytelling

  • Reader's Theater

  • Book giveaways

  • Themed Literacy Family Nights

  • Literacy stations for grades (Pre-K to High School)

*Customized events are available

**Click "Learn More" to inquire about next steps!

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development

Customized curriculum is available for grade levels Pre-K to 12th grade. Components can be utilized in schools, organizations, after school programs, academic and summer camps. We ensure materials are aligned to educational standards and meets your desired outcomes. Contact us to discuss next steps and pricing. 


Examples of past projects:

  • Conferences 

  • Reading Guides

  • Writing Workshops

  • Project Based Learning 

  • Cross-curricular Projects

  • Book clubs (6 months to high school)

  • Common Core Summer Program Curriculum 

  • After school programs (Kindergarten to 12th grade)

  • Reading, Writing, Social Science, Mathematics & Science curriculum

*Train the trainer is available for workshop prices

**Teacher residents available to implement curriculum at hourly rate 

***Click "Learn More" to inquire about next steps!

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