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Fill-out the Oratory Competition Registration form below to register your child today! Registration will close on April 15, 2024.

Be sure to read the participation rules. If you agree, kindly check the box below.




1. Contestants will present in random order within their grade brackets

2. Timing begins on the first word uttered and stops on the last word. Each reader will have between 3-4.5 minutes. Participants will be penalized one point a second past the allotted time, and 15 points after 30 seconds.

3. No one is allowed to enter or leave the room during an oration. All cell phones and electronic devices should be silenced.

4. Contestants are not permitted to use props during their reading.

5. A minimum of one minute of silence is granted to judges after an oration.

6. No pictures or other activities are allowed during an oration other than the official BIG

photographer or videographer.

Video and Photography Release: 


Dear Parent/Guardian:

During the event, we take photographs and video of oral competition involving students to share the organizations's positive vibe and updates. By which incidentally, some photographs  and video footage may capture your child's participation, directly or indirectly.

These photos and video may be published through our website, social media pages, news bulletins, billboards, and ads.

With this, we seek for your consent in allowing us to publish photos and video clips which may involve your child to the said platforms.

Please do provide your response by selecting your choice below and submitting this form:
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Thanks for registering.

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